Join Marina as she interviews the top Network Marketing performer Anne Fisher about:

👉 Her family life and how her father, an entrepreneur, instilled in her working hard and working smart 💡
👉 Why her needs rapidly shifted, and she had to be home. The strength she discovered in Network Marketing & how it enriched her life!
👉 Finding internal strength to continue paving the way for yourself & your team, "Can't sit down, don't turn around, ONLY move forward." 💭
👉 Mindset & intentions, and how to overcome life's obstacles and rise through the ashes to bring change to people's lives 💖
👉 What "job security" means after Covid-19 & how Network Marketing brings peace of mind during a high social media rise 📲
👉 How Covid-19 ramped up her online social presence and began to develop vital methods to heighten her online presence 🖥️
👉 How the next 10 years will be THE years of Network Marketing & how to obtain new global triumph 🌎
👉 The MINDSET you need to shift into to thrive in Network Marketing & your personal life! 🗣️
👉 And so much more! This duo will be digging into self-improvement and sharing the truths about Network Marketing.

Marina Worre & Most Powerful Women in Network Marketing Present the "Most Powerful Women Series." Join us weekdays from April 1st – May 13th for insights, tips, news, and the secrets of success Marina has acquired throughout her career. Join us and tag a friend to jump on! Please don't keep this a secret. We are all in this for the bettering of ourselves, however, we are not alone!

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